Give the gift of restoration

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The artwork which we collect and the artwork which we receive over the course of our lives can hold precious memories and uphold the story of our family.  When these paintings, ornaments and special objects become broken or begin to perish, we could find ourselves on the brink of losing them as a personal artefact.… Read more »

Protection and preservation of street art

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The restoration and conservation of artwork are essential for a plethora of reasons; from historical documentation, to sentimental value through to wealth management. Often, the necessity for restoration intervention is caused by circumstances that are of great emotional trauma to the owner of the artwork, such as water loss, fire or accidental damage. When cared… Read more »

Teapot restoration and the hidden value of ceramics

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The significance of homeware ceramics can sometimes be forgotten when they are sitting in a household cabinet. These nostalgic collections are often seen as heirlooms, with more sentimental importance than emphasis on monetary value. However, hidden amidst these domestic items can be highly collectible and rare pieces. Above: a selection of antique teapots from Asia… Read more »

Memorabilia and collectibles – are they covered by insurance?

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The insurance and restoration of memorabilia and collectibles is somewhat overlooked in the art world, even though some pieces match or even surpass the value which traditional antiques receive in an auction. Prices can rise depending on autographs, limited edition status, rarity or close proximity to iconic entertainment and celebrities, such was the case in… Read more »