It’s not just old paintings and contemporary artwork that our team can restore. Cherished posters, album covers, concert or event tickets, programmes, sporting and military items all may need some TLC over time. We can remove sellotape, residue and staining, flatten creases, repair tears and holes, retouch artwork and restore colour.



How much will my artwork restoration cost?

  1. Are miniature portraits too small to be restored?

    No, we can restore most damage and problems with miniatures.

  2. How are miniature paintings restored or repaired?

    In much the same way as large artwork, the methods are the same except the tools are smaller.

  3. My miniature is faded can you do anything?

    The answer is most likely yes, just get in contact with us ideally with some photos and we’ll get our conservation team to take a look and advise what is possible.

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