antique porcelain restoration and fine bone china repairs

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Our team has assisted in the assessment and full restoration of many ceramic items, from fine Meissen porcelain figurines to Disney ornaments with sentimental value. 

Popular ceramics we have restored include work by Lladro, Wedgwood, Nao, Royal Crown Derby, Royal Worcester, Spode and more. You can read an article on the history and restoration of Meissen porcelain here for more information on porcelain care.

Broken porcelain

When a piece of porcelain or fine bone china becomes damaged, it is extremely important to recover all of the fragments. This is because our ceramics conservator will always strive to restore the piece with as much of the original as possible. This allows for the artistic and historic integrity of the object to remain in place.

Where a fragment is not available or is broken too severely, this can be recreated using precise techniques and conservation-sensitive methods. 

As well as restoring breakages, our ceramics conservator can also provide the following: 

  • Removal of staples, glues or tape from an amateur or historic repair
  • Revival of colour or gilding in scratched or abraded surfaces 
  • Full restoration of missing areas
  • New cases and stands for the safe display of your ceramic

Ceramic restoration aims for as much of a seamless result where possible, including the use of conservation-safe adhesives that will not fail or yellow with age.

If you have a porcelain or fine bone china repairs need which you would like to speak to our team about, please do not hesitate to reach out for swift and helpful advice. 

Meissen example after fine bone china repair

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Fox figurine

Ceramic Restoration

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Very professional and skilled organisation. I thought our ceramic clown was beyond repair but when it came back you literally could not tell it had been repaired. They keep you informed of progress throughout the process.

Disaster when my dog knocked the table over and smashed a family heirloom. Fine Art Restoration Company to the rescue. I could not have asked for a better service. They collected the item, mended it invisibly and returned it on time.

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