Stoneware repair examples

Martin brothers stoneware before

Historic and contemporary stoneware often faces damage from accidental breakages and environmental staining. Breakages and discolouration can be assessed and treated by our trained ceramics conservator. Stoneware items our team can restore typically include:

  • Jian ware or tenmoku
  • Martin Brothers
  • Bottger ware
  • Yixing teapots
  • Ding ware
  • Shiwan ware
  • Korean pottery
  • Redware
  • Cane ware
  • Raku
  • Staffordshire crouch ware
  • Coade stone

As well as restoring breakages, our ceramics conservator can also provide the following: 

  • Removal of glues, staples and tape from an amateur or historic repairs
  • Revival of colour to a historically appropriate standard
  • Stabilisation and restoration of cracks and chips

In the past, your stoneware repair with adhesives may have failed over time. This discolours and damages the area further, but can be sensitively removed by our conservator.

Your stoneware item will then be restored with up-to-date conservation treatments that consider the ongoing preservation of the item.

If you have a piece of damaged stoneware be sure to collect all of the fragments – no matter how small – as this will allow our conservator to restore the item with historic and artistic integrity.

Martin brothers stoneware after

Ceramic acid staining

Ceramic Restoration

How much will my object restoration cost?

We are very pleased with the careful and considered restoration of our wooden sculpture. The repaired sections blend seamlessly and the original colours and styling have been matched. It has all been cleaned and looks a treat! From the initial contact, accurate quote and timescale, regular updates, couriering and the accomplished work itself, it was a professional service from start to finish.

My broken figurine was restored to excellent condition thanks to this company, I didn't dream it would be as good as I was told. Also the peace of mind not sending it by post was worth it, it was collected and delivered back to me extremely safely. I was also kept informed during the whole process! Thank goodness I clicked on fine art restoration to do the job!

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