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Over time a historic oil on panel may form cracks, especially along the lines of the woodgrain. The paint layer often begins to lift and flake away due to a gradual movement of the wooden surface, even if it has been fitted with a cradle. 

Professional conservation aims to both restore the damage which has occurred and ensure that the ongoing risks are limited through tailored treatment plans.

Panel disturbances 

Along with cracks and flaking, oil paintings on panel may also completely split in half or into several pieces as the wood is weakened over decades or centuries.

Damage can occur from moisture, water or a fluctuating atmosphere with rapidly changing humidity and temperature levels. Fire and water damage, including floods, leaks and other household disasters may encourage severe decay and loss. Mould growth following water exposure or high humidity disrupts both delicate historic panels and contemporary art. 

Wooden elements are always susceptible to woodworm. Infestations should be eradicated as soon as possible to avoid devastating losses.

Discoloured panel artworks

Common causes of yellowing or darkened oil paintings on panel include the natural decay of traditional varnish, fireplace soot and smoke, nicotine, or a clouded surface due to trapped moisture.

Varnish removal allows for the artwork to appear as the artist originally intended and eliminates any threat from toxic particles the surface may be harbouring. 

Professional panel conservation

All issues faced by panel artworks can be resolved with trained restoration procedures in our studio. This includes the following treatments:

  • Restoring breakages to the wooden panel
  • Stabilising the paint layer and reapplying loose pigments
  • Filling and sensitively retouching lost areas of paint
  • Clearing woodworm infestation and filling holes
  • Removing old and discoloured varnish layers
  • Removing surface dirt and contamination
  • Stabilising hanging apparatus or providing new framing options

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How much will my restoration cost?

The restoration was done carefully and sympathetically so as not to compromise the original integrity and age of the painting. The old frame was also given much-needed attention to the same high standard. The company arranged the collection and return of the picture which made the process very easy for me. I would heartily recommend Fine Art Restoration Company.

You don’t really own old family paintings, you are merely a custodian, so having them restored can be a nerve-racking experience. That is why I went with an expert team I could trust to restore a painting that is very dear to my heart. The restoration is superb and my family will continue to enjoy the results for generations to come.

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