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Our team at Fine Art Restoration Company is experienced in dealing with a wide variety of damage caused to bronzes and other metal ornaments, offering a tailored treatment plan and assessment for your precious items. Metal items our conservation team can assist in the care of include:

  • Statues
  • Busts
  • Figurines
  • Relief artwork
  • Lamp bases and details
  • Interior decoration
  • Mantlepiece ornaments
  • Bronze sculptures
  • Mirror frames
  • Ormolu gilt surfaces
  • Antique furniture with metal elements
  • Contemporary metal artworks

Metal artworks or items may tarnish and degrade due to their environment, including corrosion and rusting from high humidity or water exposure. Whilst tarnish or patina brings a dull or darkened appearance to metal, it can be easily restored with the correct techniques – this type of damage is only on the surface and actually protects the layers beneath.  Active corrosion appears more unstable, with the surface flaking away – this requires more urgent attention from a trained conservator to prevent any continued decay.

Our trained conservators offer professional cleaning with solutions tailored to your item’s specific needs. Restoration may include the removal of any contamination, the restoration of any missing areas, the reduction of staining and dents, as well as stabilisation of any deteriorating structure.

Bronze can be restored to a level of your preference, you may want to keep stable patina for visual appeal or opt for a metallic finish.

Bronze after restoration

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Disaster when my dog knocked the table over and smashed a family heirloom. Fine Art Restoration Company to the rescue. I could not have asked for a better service. They collected the item, mended it invisibly and returned it on time.

My broken figurine was restored to excellent condition thanks to this company, I didn't dream it would be as good as I was told. Also the peace of mind not sending it by post was worth it, it was collected and delivered back to me extremely safely. I was also kept informed during the whole process! Thank goodness I clicked on fine art restoration to do the job!

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