Miniature restoration

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Miniatures can be restored with historically sensitive techniques by our trained conservators. A variety of materials can be treated following an accident, household disaster or age-related deterioration. Miniatures our team can restore include the following mediums:

  • Parchment
  • Vellum
  • Ivory
  • Copper
  • Wooden panel
  • Enamel
  • Wax

Paper based miniatures can be restored by our ICON accredited paper conservator, this includes the removal of acidic staining, foxing and mould growth. Miniatures involving ivory, wax or enamel can be restored by our ceramics conservator using ethical techniques.

Miniatures on copper may have issues with corrosion or scratches to the paint layer, this can be sympathetically restored by our professionally trained painting conservation team along with any artwork on wooden panel or even more unusual substrates.

Anna miniatures

Due to the small size of miniatures, often viewed under a magnifying lens, our conservators work to ensure only the smallest amount of retouching is used during the restoration process. This museum-level approach to miniature conservation will ensure that there is no alteration to the important original details of the portrait and its value as a historic piece.

In the case of devastating damage to personally important miniatures, such as family heirlooms or child portraits, our talented team can recreate missing areas or full portraits to complete a set. This may be required if a miniature has been completely lost following an accident, fire or flood.

Concave glass for miniatures

Frames for miniatures may face damage over time, putting the artwork at risk of deterioration due to loss of glass. Our team can provide bespoke framing for miniatures of all shapes and sizes, including the replacement of concave glass when the original piece is missing, heavily scratched or broken.

Our expert framing team can also provide bespoke mounting for miniature artworks including new velvet backing for cases and custom display options.

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