Miniature paintings can be on panel, copper, canvas or paper. They are more likely to be on panel and copper as they need to have a solid backing. If they are painted on canvas, the canvas will likely be attached to the panel. Miniature paintings need to be kept well-tensioned because they are unable to be stretched in the same way as most easel paintings using stretcher bars.

Many of the issues facing larger paintings will not apply to miniatures as they do not normally have the same structural issues as larger artwork, which is a bonus of their size and most are carefully kept behind glass.

If a miniature painting does receive damage such as a tear, it can be repaired in the same way as any painting. For canvas, this will be using a thread-by-thread method and bonding, and with miniatures on paper, we can fill a hole or tear using liquid paper pulp and carefully retouch.


Miniature restoration

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How much will my artwork restoration cost?

  1. Are miniature portraits too small to be restored?

    No, we can restore most damage and problems with miniatures.

  2. How are miniature paintings restored or repaired?

    In much the same way as large artwork, the methods are the same except the tools are smaller.

  3. My miniature is faded can you do anything?

    The answer is most likely yes, just get in contact with us ideally with some photos and we’ll get our conservation team to take a look and advise what is possible.

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