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Our trained conservators work with all manner of gilding, including gold, silver, brass, variegated and bespoke shades of metal leaf – all colour matched and aged to suit the style of the original frame with accuracy.

Gilding services our trained conservators can offer include:

  • Professional hand gilding of gold leaf and water gilding
  • Revival of faded, stained, rubbed or scratched gilding
  • Reapplication of gilding to lost, repaired and damaged areas
  • Restoration of gold leaf detailing and contained areas of decoration 
  • Cleaning of dust and contamination build-up on gilt frames and decorative elements

Gilt frames can have their original surface revived to a level that suits your interior and the artwork it holds, whether this is a bright shine or a toned-down finish. Different karats are also available, the most popular are 22 karat and 23 karat gold leaf. This is important as gold from 22 karat upwards will ensure the gilding does not tarnish over time. 

It is important to maintain gilding to protect the structure of the frame underneath. Exposed areas of woodwork or plaster may be open to the elements and be vulnerable to environmental deterioration and decay. Stable and even metal leaf application will not only allow the frame to look its best but protect it from atmospheric damage going forwards.

Dust can build up in the crevices of an ornate frame, depending on the environment this may contain damaging chemicals from soot or nicotine which deteriorate the frame and delicate surface over time.

Our experts often come across gilt frames which have seen attempted cleaning at home, leading to a worse condition. The sensitive nature of gilded frames means that they should only ever be cleaned by a professional with museum-level techniques, as practised by our frame experts at Fine Art Restoration Company.

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Fine Art Restoration collected our large oil painting and delivered it with impeccable care. The restoration of the damaged artwork was expertly carried out, bringing back subtle colouring, and included the repair of broken and missing details of the gesso on the frame such that they were perfectly matched. We were delighted with the communication throughout and with the results achieved.

The restorers at Fine Art Restoration Company were a delight to work with. Knowledgeable, enthusiastic and very helpful and patient. Their work was top-notch, both my paintings have given new life and completely renewed our experience of viewing them. Highly Recommended.

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