Disaster Recovery

In the event of an accident or disaster, our experienced team is able to respond immediately to lessen damage and reduce claim costs.
We can attend a site visit at the earliest convenience, and make an assessment of the damage. Whether caused by fire, flood or property deterioration, we are able to attend with the necessary safety equipment and resources and begin the recovery process.

Our trained art handlers and conservators will create an inventory, pack and transport the damaged contents, and work at the property when necessary.

The experience we possess in disaster and damage management can reduce the stress and difficulties of having to organise the recovery yourself, thereby minimising interruption and allowing your personal property or business premises and contents to be restored more quickly.

Disaster and accident recovery can be a difficult process, and as such we use our expertise to work as quickly and sympathetically as possible.

If you would like to know more about your options, please contact us for more information.

Accidental Damage: Water and Fire

Water damaged paintings are vulnerable to mould growth, contamination of unclean water, staining, shrinking of the canvas leading to subsequent cracking and flaking of the paint, and blanching. Warping of the stretcher bars could also lead to tears and distortions.

A large proportion of paintings we restore have been exposed to water and fire damage. By acting quickly, we can mitigate the damage to your artwork and stop further deterioration

Our extensive experience in handling and treating water and fire damaged paintings, while utilising scientifically-proven conservation methodology will ensure your artwork is preserved for the future.

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