Bleeding rug example restoration

Bleeding rug detailAbove: a water damaged rug with bleeding red dye before restoration treatments

When a rug is met with water damage the dyes in the textile can become loose and spread into neighbouring areas, disturbing the pattern and precise design. This may occur with both antique and modern rugs following leaks, floods, an escape of water and accidental spillages. 

Precise treatments can be carried out in order to stabilise the textile before further deterioration occurs, followed by careful cleaning to remove dyes from their unintended areas – such as a dark colour running into white or cream.

Following household disasters, our team can also respond to floods or major leakages by helping to remove affected items as soon as possible and bringing them to our studio for correct drying methods which will lessen the impact of the water damage. 

Water saturated rugs may be extremely heavy as well as vulnerable to industrial drying units, which is why we recommend that our team is called for their experienced support.

If you have a rug that has running and bleeding dyes, please contact our team as soon as possible for swift and helpful advice, including a quotation and recommendations.

Rug after restoration detailAbove: the same rug after restoration with the bleeding areas no longer present 

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Rug restoration bleed

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How much will my textile restoration cost?

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Fine Art Restoration repaired an heirloom that has been in our family for 85 years. They arranged collection and delivery so the entire process was simple and seamless. The restoration was perfect. Great service.

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