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Our trained team is able to achieve a smooth and almost invisible result in most cases of marble restoration. They aim to prevent further deterioration and to return stability and aesthetic quality to the piece.

Marble restoration can resolve the following issues:

  • Broken or missing areas
  • Staining and discolouration
  • Old repairs that have discoloured or failed
  • Unstable display structures
  • Chips and cracks

Damage to a  tabletop or sculptural artwork such as a marble bust often occurs by accident. This includes cracks and dents from a heavy object falling from a height, as well as disruption to the home during renovations and removals. Knocks and cracks may also form due to mishandling, poor storage conditions and transportation issues.

Amateur repairs with household adhesives such as glue and tape may lead to acidic decay around the affected area, as well as yellowing discolouration. During restoration this can be sensitively removed and replaced with a conservation appropriate solution.


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Above is a marble countertop that was seamlessly repaired by our conservator, this was more cost-effective than replacing the entire work surface.

We are very pleased with the careful and considered restoration of our wooden sculpture. The repaired sections blend seamlessly and the original colours and styling have been matched. It has all been cleaned and looks a treat! From the initial contact, accurate quote and timescale, regular updates, couriering and the accomplished work itself, it was a professional service from start to finish.

My broken figurine was restored to excellent condition thanks to this company, I didn't dream it would be as good as I was told. Also the peace of mind not sending it by post was worth it, it was collected and delivered back to me extremely safely. I was also kept informed during the whole process! Thank goodness I clicked on fine art restoration to do the job!

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