Marquetry and inlay restoration

Sometimes these details may begin to lift out due to age, wear, accidental knocks or warping of the wood. Luckily, our team is extremely experienced with marquetry restoration and is able to approach these damages with conservation appropriate repairs. These treatments are designed to replenish the beauty of the work and to ensure it is both stable and historically accurate.

Our furniture experts are knowledgeable when it comes to the types of timber and veneer used in specific types of marquetry and inlays from across history. They will strive to replace surviving areas where possible to maintain historical integrity, but where this is not possible they can place in new pieces which are precision cut and made from appropriate materials. 

As well as wooden marquetry, our team can restore inlays consisting of metals, mother of pearl, ivory, precious stones and more. If you are uncertain about a material or would like to know more about the treatments available for your furniture, please get in touch with our helpful team who will gladly guide you through an assessment and restoration process. 

Furniture inlays in wood and mother of pearl

Furniture Restoration

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