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The most frequent type of damage to oil on copper is through scratches and abrasions on the delicate surface, as well as denting and movements in the copper leading to paint cracking and flaking in the affected area – this can lead to widespread loss of the artwork if it is not swiftly seen to by our professional conservators.  

Sensitive conservation treatments

Like all metal antiques, copper is sensitive to moisture levels and can deteriorate if met with water or highly humid conditions. This is why our conservation team avoids the use of any water-based solutions in their care of an oil painting on copper, instead opting for treatments that take into account the sensitivity of the copper base.

Our highly trained team can restore:

  • Scratches and abrasions
  • Flaking and loose paint
  • Yellowing and darkened surfaces
  • Broken or deteriorating areas

Lost and flaking paint

Any missing areas can have any saved fragments reapplied and the surrounding areas can be consolidated to stabilise the paint layer. If there are no fragments available, our team can sympathetically retouch areas with precisely colour-matched pigments, all of which are suitable for conservation.

Discoloured varnish

As well as restoring flaking and cracked areas, they can also address yellowing surfaces with a professional varnish removal – eradicating any contamination from fireplace soot, smoke, nicotine, or the natural deterioration of traditional varnish.

Varnish removal is important as it removes potentially dangerous particles from the surface. This process can also bring the painting back to its original appearance with bright colours intended by the artist. Our team will then apply a new non-yellowing, UV protective varnish following restoration, this will ensure it has further protection into the future. 


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Fine Art Restoration restored my old oil painting of HMS Victory at the Battle of Trafalgar and what went to them as quite frankly, a bit of a wreck, came back as a beautiful picture that now hangs on my wall.

Very pleased with the work carried out. The picture was transformed, quite literally brought back to life! The team were friendly and kept me informed throughout the process, which was very reassuring. Thank you!

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