French polish

French polish is a high shine furniture finish that was first developed in the 19th century and is popular on many Victorian and Edwardian designs, such as tables and cabinets. It is achieved through many layers of fine shellac which are evenly coated to leave a mirror-like appearance on the wood. The technique takes much longer than other types of traditional furniture polish, as the application is built up over time. This slow process is important for a strong and even result. 

French polish also brings out the original features of the timber, such as the wood grain on surfaces and decorative features and veneers. It leaves a rich colour and an effect known as chatoyancy due to its vibrant shine. Once in place, French polish should last in good condition for decades if it is well cared for.

If you have a piece of furniture that requires the restoration of original French polish or an entirely new coating, please contact our french polish furniture restoration team for further advice and a quotation. Our furniture experts take pride in their application of traditional French polish and would be delighted to assist you in this historically remarkable treatment. 

polish brushed on wooden table

french polishing on table and leg

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