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All levels of fire damage can be safely stabilised or restored with professional conservation treatments following a fire. 

Our experienced team is on hand to offer a swift response following any disaster, including the collection of damaged artworks or items from the scene, secure transportation to our safe studio environment, full assessments carried out for conservation and insurance purposes, and tailored restoration treatments conducted to a museum standard. 

Restoration treatments following fire damage include:

  • Stabilisation of deteriorating or charred areas of paper
  • Gentle washing of acidic soot and smoke contamination
  • Removal of water damage marks and staining 
  • Restoration of torn or broken pieces
  • Flattening of warped, cockled, folded or wrinkled paper 
  • Frame restoration or the provision of new framing to match your requirements

Rescue damage

The aftermath of a fire may also see damage occur to precious artworks and documents. This is due to the use of water or other liquids to put out the flames, as well as hurried and sometimes precarious attempts to salvage affected items. 

Our conservator is able to restore water damage alongside fire-related issues to ensure the paper is stable and protected. They can also advise you on the best course of action when salvaging burnt, water-soaked or soot-contaminated papers following a disaster.

Insurance claims

Our team is experienced in dealing with large insurance claims and liaising with brokers. They can help you to achieve the best outcome for your damaged contents, including works on paper. 

Soot contamination restoration after

Fire damaged paper example

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Paper Restoration

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Although my print was badly degraded by the artist's use of double-sided tape and an acidic backing mount, it had great emotional significance for me. It felt like a risky leap of faith to send it as I had not used Fine Art Restoration Company before. It came back immaculate and transformed, returned to its original condition and with no discernable damage to the subtle graphite drawing. The company were reassuring and returned it with no hassle. Highly recommended.

We sent in a very mouldy print that came back probably in better condition than when it was bought! We were constantly updated as to the status of the restoration and the service was impeccable. We had previously sent in a small oil painting for cleaning that now hangs in pride of place. Both had sentimental value of familiar places. I can highly recommend the quality of the work and the fantastic customer service.

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