Map restoration

Our ICON accredited paper conservator is able to restore and preserve a wide range of mediums including printed and hand finished maps.

Antique cartography may suffer from the many environments it has faced over time, as well as the natural deterioration of the materials used in its creation. All ages of cartography on paper may face damage due to their absorbent surface, attracting mould and staining. 

Typical issues our conservator can resolve include:

Antique and contemporary maps

Previous restoration work completed by our conservator includes historically important maps with high monetary value, as well as those that hold significant personal value to an individual or family.

All works on paper are treated with sensitive and conservation-appropriate methods to ensure their safety and preservation. This includes the assessment of framing materials to prevent any acidic staining in the future.

Bespoke map framing

Maps and other forms of cartography can be framed with conservation safe materials with an option for UV protective glass and museum glazing.

Our team can create a bespoke selection of framing options to suit the style of the map and your own interior design preferences.

Map restoration

Folded map

jenny quote about acidic damage for works on paper

Before and after - slide to restore

torn photograph
Modern pastel portrait
Handwritten Paoer Water Damage
Queen poster
Modern art poster
Antique map
Discoloured antique print
Torn discoloured watercolour
Paper Restoration

How much will my restoration cost?

Although my print was badly degraded by the artist's use of double-sided tape and an acidic backing mount, it had great emotional significance for me. It felt like a risky leap of faith to send it as I had not used Fine Art Restoration Company before. It came back immaculate and transformed, returned to its original condition and with no discernable damage to the subtle graphite drawing. The company were reassuring and returned it with no hassle. Highly recommended.

We sent in a very mouldy print that came back probably in better condition than when it was bought! We were constantly updated as to the status of the restoration and the service was impeccable. We had previously sent in a small oil painting for cleaning that now hangs in pride of place. Both had sentimental value of familiar places. I can highly recommend the quality of the work and the fantastic customer service.

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