french polishing a table

Wooden designs which are left unwaxed or without the correct upkeep can be far more susceptible to environmental deterioration and water damage.

A well-finished table, chair, or cabinet can survive for much longer than one which has a raw or worn down surface on display. 

Furniture polishing

Unlike commercial polish, our team uses specialist treatments to suit the style and era of the furniture. French polishing is a popular technique which produces a dramatic high shine, this is achieved through the expert application of fine shellac by hand, not using any shortcuts such as a spray varnish or large brush. Our furniture expert Dean applies French polish traditionally with a hand dabber – this is a piece of cloth covering an absorbent material which slowly releases the shellac as he moves it across the woodgrain. To give an even finish white spirit is applied to ensure the polish is levelled. French polish not only achieves gloss but brings out the patterns in the timber and the colour of the chosen wood stain. 

Further finishes are also available, depending on your preference for a high gloss or matt shine to the furniture with historical accuracy in mind. 

Water Damage Antique Furniture Polishing

furniture polishing dabber in preparation for restoration

Professional furniture staining 

Typically, staining is not something which should be considered at home – especially if the furniture is highly valuable or an important family piece. This is because not all stains available from typical shops are in keeping with the historical significance of the original, and some may use a chemical base which could deteriorate the wood over time. In our studio, we use precise colour-matching to meet both the era and original tone of the furniture. A damaged surface can be stripped back before being reapplied with an accurate stain. Our experts pride themselves on historical knowledge and the traditional treatment of furniture in their care.

Traditional furniture waxing 

Not only will waxing maintain a shine, but it will also add further protection against moisture, water and environmental damage from mould and humidity levels. Waxing is completed in our studio at the end of a restoration project, but should also be maintained over time as part of routine care and cleaning. 

If you have a piece of wooden furniture or wooden items, such as sculptures and decorative designs, which may benefit from these services, our team is happy to help. Our furniture experts offer professional assessments of all varieties and eras, as well as traditional repairs and finishes as required. 

Furniture Restoration

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