structural repairs to furniture

Instability in furniture can be caused by old age, constant and heavy use, or a manufacturing fault. Our team of expert furniture restorers can provide treatments to completely rectify wobbly structures before they deteriorate further, avoiding the loss of original features.

When an item such as a chair is restored due to an unstable structure, it can be completely deconstructed and expertly put back together by our skilled furniture joint repair team. This will help to eliminate any loose joins they come across, as not all structural issues are located in one part of the furniture and can become more widespread over time as the joints move. As well as being reconstructed, the piece will also have stabilising treatments put in place, all of which are conservation approved and appropriate for the era of the furniture.

Unstable structures which our team can restore include:

  • Chairs with unstable arms and legs
  • Tables and desks with uneven feet
  • Antique furniture with loose joints due to age
  • Modern and contemporary furniture with unstable features
  • Furniture which has become unstable due to heavy or frequent use
  • Antique or modern furniture with a manufacturing fault in the structure
  • Fractured or snapped joints in furniture due to instability 
  • Loss of furniture stability following flood, fire or accidental damage

There are of course many other types of damage that our team can assist you with. If you have a piece of furniture which could benefit from restoration due to an unstable structure or loose joins, please contact our team for a sensitive approach with professional and traditional treatments. 

furniture joint repair on a dining room chair

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