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Frame restoration is not reserved for historic items, our team is able to perform the same professional treatments for the stability and surface of modern frames as they would for those from hundreds of years ago. Each conservation plan is tailored to the materials of a frame, including even the most unusual, mixed-media structures. This museum-level approach allows for the most sensitive cleaning techniques and accurate repairs for the era and style.

Unlike the traditional wooden and plaster frames of the past, modern and contemporary pieces may encompass a wide range of materials including metal, textile, synthetic and plastic, all of which require knowledgeable treatment following damage. 

Modern and contemporary frame damage our team can restore includes:

  • Missing or broken features
  • Stability of the structure and joins 
  • Discolouration and build-up of dust
  • Scratches, dents and stains 
  • Gilding, metallic details and colour disturbances
  • Contamination from soot, floodwaters or nicotine
  • Loose or broken hanging devices

Common damages to modern and contemporary frames vary from light accidental damage to major deterioration following a fire, flood or escape of water.

Modern frames may also show age-related damage depending on the era in which they were created and the stability of their materials.

Artwork and framing from the 1950s onwards may not have used techniques that last as long as traditional pieces, for example deteriorating or discolouring plastics, fabrics and tarnishing metals. Our conservation team can resolve loosening joins and staining as well as major damage from water or fire. 

A frame can be restored alongside an artwork to give it the best surrounding following conservation treatment or be restored alone to bring back the original condition as a valuable or sentimentally important part of your home.

Our team can also provide new and strengthened hanging systems to ensure the safety of a frame and the wall it is displayed on.

Modern frame after restoration

Modern petal frame

As well as frame restoration we can also provide new and bespoke framing options which are conservation appropriate and accurate to the era of the artwork.

If you have any queries related to modern and contemporary frame restoration or would like to receive recommendations and a quote related to frame repairs, please contact our helpful team for further advice and guidance. 

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It was with some trepidation that I sent a drawing by artist Tate held artist Mario Dubsky to the company. Although badly degraded, by the artist's use of double-sided tape to mount it resulting in disfiguring bands with deep yellowing of the paper from the acidic backing mount, it had great emotional significance for me. It came back immaculate and transformed, returned to its original condition and no discernable damage to the subtle graphite drawing. The company were reassuring, returning it with no hassle. Highly recommended.

I contacted Fine Art Restoration when an acrylic painting was damaged in a house move. I received a reasonable quote quickly, they collected and delivered the painting efficiently, and the damage repair was excellent. I could not have asked for more!

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