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As well as restoring fine art and furniture, our team is experienced with disaster recovery and liaising with insurance companies to help you in the aftermath of a fire or major accident, as well as everyday damage from fireplaces and radiators. 

Our furniture experts are knowledgeable in all areas of joinery and historic designs, as well as high-value contemporary pieces. This includes different types of timber and modern materials, as well as brassware and upholstery. In our studio, we are able to decontaminate a piece when it has been met with smoke damage or a build-up of soot over time. We can also deal with more intense levels of damage, including the replacement or restoration of burnt areas and warping veneers, inlays or marquetry. 

If you have a table, chair, cabinet or another piece of furniture which has been affected by smoke, fire or heat damage, please speak to our team today for professional and rapid assistance. We can offer details on the treatments available, as well as a full assessment of fire damaged furniture restoration for insurance purposes and a quotation.  

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