Antique frame restoration examples

Gilded picture frame cleaning

Our team is on hand to expertly clean frames from all eras, including grand baroque gilding with decorative features, through to modern or contemporary styles which may have a wide variety of materials to consider.

Our frame conservators can clean the following issues and more:

  • A build-up of dust and debris
  • Staining and discolouration
  • Contamination from fireplace soot, smoke staining and nicotine
  • Lost or damaged gilding – these areas can be cleaned and reapplied by our trained team
  • Cleaning following water damage from floods and leaks
  • Mould growth and moisture damage
  • Decontamination and prevention of common pests such as woodworm 
  • Dust build-up in small crevices and delicate areas 

Routine cleaning

Frame maintenance cleaning will help you stay on top of any dust build-up and contamination which may be in these particles, as these may damage the structure over time.

We do not recommend that an untrained person cleans a frame beyond a very gently dusting at home, as this may often lead to accidental damage. 

Disaster recovery

It is important to professionally clean a frame for both routine care and following a disaster. 

Cleaning following a flood, fire or escape of water is also important to clear away the debris and dirt which could severely destroy the structure if left untreated.

Frame cleaning example

Frank cleaning frame tip

Frame Restoration

How much will my restoration cost?

Thank you so much for cleaning and restoring my painting. Also your assistance in reframing it. The collection and return service was swift and efficient. I found your personal attention to the project most helpful. The painting is now bright and colourful and rehung on the lounge wall.

I just wanted to compliment you on the restoration you performed on my two mid 19th Century oil paintings by W Muller. The dramatic improvement brought about by the cleaning and re-varnishing together with the stabilisation and re-gilding of the plaster frames was extraordinary. The quotation, collection and return were all accomplished professionally. It was a pleasure using your company.

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