Before old repair restoration

Our conservators all hold Masters degrees in painting conservation, this means that they are well versed in the current and most scientifically accurate treatments available for the preservation of artworks.

This knowledge can be used to reverse old repairs before restoring them with a much safer 21st century approach. 

Signs of historic repairs

Indicators of old repairs include:

  • An uneven or bumpy surface
  • A noticeable raised area that may have been torn in the past (with evidence also on the back of the canvas)
  • Unsympathetic or extreme overpainting of areas 
  • An uneven varnish finish
  • Discolouration on the front of back of the painting
  • Differences in brushstrokes or artistic style in some areas
  • Old tears that have started to weaken or come apart
  •  Flaking areas of unoriginal paint

If you are uncertain or would like to have these areas assessed for the painting’s safety, our team is on hand to offer professional advice and guidance.

UV discoveries

Our conservators can use a UV torch to find areas of historic over-painting or retouching before they begin the restoration process, this will also reveal if there are any old repairs that need to be removed or stabilised.

Professional conservation treatments

Following the removal of old or failing repairs, our conservation team will complete any of their own restoration treatments with as little alteration to the artwork as possible. This includes the use of conservation-approved pigments, careful testing of the paint layer and the reapplication of new UV protective varnish.

All chemicals used in the restoration process are safe for conservation and will not damage the painting in the future, unlike historic substances that may have been previously applied.

Retouching of missing paint is completed between two layers of varnish, ensuring that they are isolated and never directly touching the painting. This will help to maintain historic and artistic integrity, as well as allow conservators in the future to safely and easily remove it without compromising the painting.

After old repair restoration

Anna quote about using UV torch before restoration

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How much will my restoration cost?

I just wanted to compliment you on the restoration you performed on my two mid 19th Century oil paintings by W. Muller. The dramatic improvement brought about by the cleaning and re-varnishing together with the stabilisation and re-gilding of the plaster frames was extraordinary. The quotation, collection and return were all accomplished professionally. It was a pleasure using Fine Art Restoration Company.

My oil painting on canvas, which was very precious to me, was badly kicked in. I was distraught because I did not believe it was repairable. I sent it to Fine Art Restoration Co. to have it repaired and after a few weeks, it was sent back to me in perfect condition. The charge for doing this work was very reasonable. Well done Fine Art Restoration Company!

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