The arts, the internet and COVID-19

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Over recent months we have all had a lot of time to imagine new possibilities for blank walls, empty sideboards and open spaces. As our homes became both a workplace and sanctuary, what we surround ourselves was more important than ever before. The ambition of acquiring artwork and fine furniture became both a want and… Read more »

10 Restoration Highlights from 2019!

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As we approach the end of the year, we’ve taken an interesting look back over the many restoration projects we have had the pleasure to complete in 2019. From tears and missing canvas to water damage and foxing, we have treated all manner of artworks, ceramics and furniture this year. Here are some highlights from… Read more »

Painting damaged due to broken air-conditioning

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The painting by the Renaissance master Raphael is becoming more and more damaged due to the humidity in the gallery where it’s on display in Italy. This is due to the failure to repair a faulty air-conditioning unit. Due to the humidity and the temperatures, these paintings have been kept at, the paintings have begun… Read more »

£35M of artwork saved following fire

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Previous castle guest Michael Douglas About 20 firefighters battled the blaze at Ackergill Tower in Caithness and averted a “near catastrophe” by preventing it from spreading to the main building. The blaze broke out in the early hours of Sunday morning at the grade A-listed building. A member of the public alerted the fire service… Read more »

New Titian painting discovered

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Titian’s Mistress On the 8th May 2015, one of the Duke of Wellington’s paintings in Apsley House know as The Titian’s Mistress was being restored. Having come into his collection in 1813, experts believed the painting was a copy produced by later followers after Titian’s death in 1576. However, after years of dirt, grime and… Read more »