Modern example beforeAbove: a Hugo Longa acrylic painting from 1974 prior to restoration in our studio

At Fine Art Restoration Company we are able to restore an array of damage to 20th century and 21st century paintings, including everything from surface cleaning and routine maintenance to full restoration treatments following severe damage or deterioration.

Professional modern art restoration

Our conservators are not only experts in historic paintings, they have just as much knowledge and experience in the safety and restoration of modern or contemporary pieces.

All aspects of a painting will be tested before restoration begins, this is to ensure that all methods are appropriate for the materials used and tailored to the needs of the specific artwork. They are also able to expertly retouch areas that have caused a visual disturbance, including those which are challenging due to flat colour blocks or unique details, returning value and stability to your painting.

Unique materials

Unusual and complex materials or pigments involved in modern or contemporary artworks mean that they require treatment from conservators who are highly trained. In some cases, differing materials or paint used may deteriorate at differing rates or face wildly different challenges for care and preservation.

If you are unsure of the structure of your artwork, it is always best to consult a professional when considering maintenance and protective display options.

Complex damage

Common issues facing modern and contemporary paintings include accidental damage from staining, spills, untrained cleaning attempts, dents, or tears after falling from height.

Our team also regularly sees the loss of impasto or heavily painted areas, as well as cracking and lifting paint. Devastating damage from house fires, floods or leaks is also a typical occurrence that our team can swiftly respond to.

Whilst all manner of paintings may require a professional surface clean or varnish removal to reduce contamination and return visual impact, modern paintings with a raised surface may collect dust and airborne particles more easily and require a more intensive cleaning process with conservation appropriate methods.

Large blocks of colour may easily become visually disturbed, as this can show stains, tears and distortion more clearly than it would on a busy antique artwork.

Our conservators work towards a seamless finish, minimising any visual disturbance as much as possible often with incredible results. All restoration is completed as precisely as possible to maintain artistic and historic integrity, as well as the value of the artwork. 

Modern example afterAbove: the Hugo Longa painting following restoration in our studio

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I contacted Fine Art Restoration when an acrylic painting was damaged in a house move. I received a reasonable quote quickly, they collected and delivered the painting efficiently, and the damage repair was excellent. I could not have asked for more!

Excellent friendly and expert service. I have sent a number of items to Fine Art Restoration Co. and the work has been beautifully executed to my complete satisfaction.

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