Textile and Upholstery Repairs and Restoration

Accidental damage along with wear and tear can affect all types of textiles from rugs to carpets, wallpaper and curtains. Any upholstery restoration, repairs or replacement are completed in partnership with the assistance and expertise of our textile restoration team.

Textile Restoration, Fabric and Upholstery Repairs

Textiles including costumes, uniforms, christening gowns, embroidery, needlework, upholstery, tapestries, carpets and curtains can all be especially fragile whether from accidental damage or general wear and tear and therefore require the highest degree of care and attention. Our dedicated team of textile conservators have a wide range of skills and experience allowing for the best treatment solutions.

Ripped or torn upholstery can be assessed and either mended, reattached or reupholstered with carefully matched or dyed threads and fabrics.

Torn or faded fabric wallpaper can be carefully restored using liquid paper pulp for filling and retouching for faded areas of colour.

If textiles such as carpets are badly damaged, for example by soot or ash, we can work on-site to deliver intensive cleaning and decontamination.

If you have some textiles in need of some TLC, then just complete the form below and we’ll see how we can help.

Textile Restoration - Doll's Costume

How much will my textile restoration cost?

Upholstery and Textile Repair and Restoration FAQs

Q. Can you fix my needlework with a missing section?

Yes, we can embroider missing areas that have been damaged, lost or work away. Our textile specialist will carefully match the threads and colours, with hand-dyeing if necessary.

Q. Can you fix a burn hole on my antique rug?

Yes, our team will remove any burnt strands, then depending on the structure of the rug, they’ll use matching thread and pile to recreate the damaged area, often invisibly.

Q. My modern sofa is damaged, can you fix it?

Sorry, our specialist team only repair and restore antique furniture.

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