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At Fine Art Restoration Company we have come across many examples of alabaster damage, all of which have been professionally restored by our experienced team. 

The challenges faced by alabaster artworks include scratch marks, rubbing away of details, accidental staining, cracking, acidic stains due to household glue repairs, chips and breakages.

These can all be restored with specialist treatments by our qualified conservators, ensuring a museum level of repair and appropriate use of adhesives.

Where original pieces cannot be used or have been lost, our conservation team can also recreate these areas with careful skills and colour-matching techniques.

Alabaster is formed of either gypsum or banded calcite, these are bright, translucent and soft minerals that are easy to sculpt.

You may come across different names for this material such as Egyptian alabaster, travertine, fengite, oriental alabaster, anhydrite or onyx marble.

You can usually tell the difference between these two by their ability to be scratched, as gypsum is so soft that it can be easily marked, whilst calcite pieces are more hard-wearing, which is why this type is often found in ancient artefacts.

As well as ornaments, busts, and sculptures, alabaster can also be found in historic windows and roof panels. 

Alabaster plater after restoration

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Alabaster statue restoration

I had broken my mother's christening mug many years ago and stuck the pieces together myself. I have always wished I could have it professionally repaired. I contacted Fine Art Restoration Company online and they were very helpful. They did an exceptional job and kept me informed at every stage. I cannot see where the damage was and it is now in its original condition.

Very professional and skilled organisation. I thought our ceramic clown was beyond repair but when it came back you literally could not tell it had been repaired. They keep you informed of progress throughout the process.

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