Romanov opulence: the history, value and restoration of Fabergé Eggs

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Some of the most unusual items to enter our conservation studio are in the form of Fabergé eggs. These highly valuable antiques often present our conservators with a complex challenge due to their various materials and finely crafted designs. This article will look into a favourite collectible of the Russian Tsars, one that encouraged such an… Read more »

Icon panels: preserving and restoring traditional orthodox art

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In terms of art history, panels are often significantly antique – this material being a typical precursor to the use of a stretched canvas. In some artistic cultures the use of a wooden base became traditional, especially due to being easily obtainable outside of academic circles in later centuries.  Above: Christ Bearing the Cross by… Read more »

Documenting D-Day: preserving Second World War artefacts 

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Thursday 6th June 2024 marks the 80th anniversary of Allied Forces conducting the largest seaborne invasion in history. Our paper conservator recently had the honour of stabilising a teleprinter communication of the D-Day plans, preserving valuable information and increasing the longevity of what was otherwise an incredibly fragile document.  The Normandy landings, more commonly referred… Read more »

Iridescent artefacts: preserving Syrian Glass for The Paisley Museum & Art Gallery

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Museum collections often require the attention of a conservator, whether this is to provide routine maintenance or prepare items for longterm display. The Paisley Museum and Art Gallery reached out to our team for assistance with their historic collection of Syrian glass. Above: Amy working on one of Paisley Museum’s glass vessels – image copyright… Read more »

Palladian halls: restoring Robert Adam interiors

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In the mid to late 18th century, London was a thriving market for interior designers. Wealthy patrons were seeking the most fashionable and distinguished decoration. This was answered by talented architects and craftsmen who could create entire schemes inclusive of furniture, murals and decorative objects.  Above: our team working on a Robert Adam ceiling in… Read more »

Ancestral admiration: the restoration of historic Chinese portraits

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The respect and worship of ancestral heritage has been practiced in China for many centuries, resulting in the creation of portraiture of artistic and familial significance. Dating as far back as the Ming dynasty, these paintings on silk, paper and canvas are so detailed that they can provide historians with vital evidence of lineage, rank… Read more »

Marble marvels: the care and restoration of marble sculptures

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As one of the earliest mediums in western art history, marble has been a dominant influence on artists for centuries. From the classical sculptures of ancient Greece to the marble halls of Art Deco buildings, this versatile material is known for its semi-opaque surface and long-lasting vibrancy.  Above: marble sculptures from ancient Greece, ancient Rome,… Read more »

Doll restoration: the history and preservation of childhood companions

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Every generation has been influenced by the unique toys and games of their childhood, but one piece has remained timeless for all. Dolls have been adored by their owners since ancient Rome, although their materials have changed over time – their enrichment has remained the same. As we grow older, these childhood companions may remain… Read more »

Childhood on canvas: the history, themes and restoration of child portraiture

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When faces are immortalised in oil paint, watercolour, pencil and pastels, the artist captures a vital aspect of the sitter’s life – usually commemorating their military prowess, regal status or marital role. Childhood portraiture, by contrast, captures a sense of what is yet to come – making these charming artworks an insightful glimpse into ambitions… Read more »