closeup of brassware on furniture and door handle restoration

Maintaining the original finish to a piece of furniture is important both for the design and monetary value, but it is these often-used features – especially door handles – which can frequently be damaged due to everyday use or weakening joins. And in some cases, furniture may have lost original features decades or centuries ago due to changing tastes or accidental breakages.

Our team is able to fully restore loosening door handles and brassware, as well as clean and return them to their original condition. If handles and features are missing entirely from the piece, we can source era-appropriate replacements or add contemporary features which suit your personal taste for interior design.

From the medieval and Tudor period through to Queen Anne, Victorian and present-day designs, our team is knowledgeable of many different styles and periods. They also use treatments which are traditional to the type of furniture they are working with.

If you have a piece of furniture with missing or broken door handles or damage and loss to the brassware features, please speak to our helpful team who can guide you through a process of restoration which suits your preferences. 

brass handles on antique drawers

brassware handle montage

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