torn canvas painting of a ship - before and after restoration

Torn oil painting restoration

A torn, punctured, or disturbed canvas will lead to widespread instability in the paint layer, especially the area around the tear which will begin to flake and come away. The longer a torn painting is left without intervention, the more developed the damage may become, thus requiring a more intensive restoration to save it from devastation.

Torn painting restoration by trained professionals

Our professional painting conservators are highly knowledgeable when it comes to the repair of torn or punctured paintings, from tiny holes in the canvas through to large and visually disturbing rips and tears across the entire artwork. Depending on the painting and the vulnerabilities it is now facing, they will assess the damage and arrange for a treatment plan to be put in place. This ensures that all methods are tailored to the needs of the specific artwork, such as the age, canvas type, and any further issues it is facing.

Our team can professionally restore:

  • Large tears on historic and contemporary paintings
  • Small holes or punctures
  • Severe tearing across a canvas
  • Loose and unstable canvas paintings
  • Paint loss surrounding tear damage
  • Tears that have occurred recently or historically
  • Tears following accidental damage and household disasters

Thread-by-thread repair

Professional canvas tear repairs can be a very time-consuming process, as the conservator carefully brings the fibres back together in a thread-by-thread technique, this is sometimes done under the microscope if a very precise pattern is required. On some occasions, the fragility of the canvas may mean that the painting needs a new lining to give it further stability following repairs.

Care for severe and minor damage

Common causes of torn and punctured paintings often include accidental damage, whether this is in transit, falling from a height, or pressing against an uneven surface. They may have also faced damage whilst in storage over many years, such as weakened areas which have become worse over time due to the environment or uneven positioning against another object. Malicious damage may also be the culprit, including intentional tears. In our studio, we have also seen tear damage from children and pets, including dart holes, household accidents and deep scratches to the painting surface.

Antique and contemporary art restoration

Whether a painting is antique or contemporary, tear repairs can be considered no matter the scale of the damage. Following the restoration of the torn area, it will then be sensitively filled and retouched with historically and artistically sympathetic techniques. This involves the precise application of perfectly colour-matched pigments, allowing for a near-seamless repair to the artwork as well as ensuring it is safe and secure into the future. 

Torn oil painting restoration

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Before and after - slide to restore

Red baby painting
Badly torn painting
16th century man tear repair
Victorian torn painting
Failing old repair example
Torn ruin landscape
Discoloured torn ship scene
Nautical painting repair
baroque portrait repair
Child portrait repair
Modern tear repair
church painting repair
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We had a damaged oil painting with a rip in the canvas. The Fine Art Restoration Company collected the painting, restored it and returned it, within the promised time window. The repair was virtually invisible and the painting is now back on the wall.

My oil painting on canvas, which was very precious to me, was badly kicked in. I was distraught because I did not believe it was repairable. I sent it to Fine Art Restoration Co. to have it repaired and after a few weeks, it was sent back to me in perfect condition.

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