Loose canvas red lady

Loose canvas boat BEFOREAbove: 19th century painting by Frederick Arthur Bridgman before restoration 

In our conservation studio, our professional team often receive artworks in need of re-tensioning, as well as those in need of new stretcher bars or an entirely new lining. All of these treatments will thoroughly improve the stability of a painting, which can then have further issues addressed for safe preservation.

Restoration to prevent further damage

To prevent further damage and to restore areas that have weakened or distorted, our conservators consolidate the paint layer with gentle heat, weight and moisture treatments. A cracking surface can be stabilised with the light application of heat or small injections under the surface to provide further adherence to the surface of the canvas. Any missing areas of paint can have original fragments reapplied or be retouched with precise conservation-appropriate pigments. The completed restoration will allow your artwork to return to display with confidence that all areas have been protected from continued deterioration.

Having a loose canvas tensioned onto stretcher bars will prevent:

  • Torn canvas
  • Ripples and folds
  • Cracking paint layer
  • Flaking paint
  • Paint loss
  • Severe deterioration

It will also allow your painting to go back on display in its very best condition without fear of future damage. If you are considering transporting or storing the artwork, it should be put onto a stretcher and professionally framed to add further protection.

Canvas paintings should never be folded, rolled or bent in any way, as this may cause severe damage to the paint layer such as cracking, flaking and visual disturbances.

Canvas loose boat afterAbove: the same Frederick Arthur Bridgman painting following restoration in our studio

martha quote for rippled and loose canvas oil paintings

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How much will my restoration cost?

My oil painting on canvas, which was very precious to me, was badly kicked in. I was distraught because I did not believe it was repairable. I sent it to Fine Art Restoration Co. to have it repaired and after a few weeks, it was sent back to me in perfect condition. The charge for doing this work was very reasonable. Well done Fine Art Restoration Co!

We had a damaged oil painting with a rip in the canvas. The Fine Art Restoration Company collected the painting, restored it and returned it, within the promised time window. The repair was virtually invisible and the painting is now back on the wall. Overall, a very good service and reasonably priced.

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