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As a state-of-the-art restoration studio, our team is able to provide the same expertise and level of care usually afforded to traditional fine art when it comes to the preservation of your most treasured items. 

Conservation and restoration treatments art typically provided for the following items following damage or deterioration:

  • Posters and prints
  • Autographed items
  • Instrument cases
  • Music sheets
  • Signed albums
  • Framed vinyl records

The practical use of some music memorabilia may have made them more susceptible to environmental damage, so we recommend that important pieces are always assessed for issues to prevent future decay.

Autographed items often fade over time due to the chemicals in the ink. The autograph itself cannot be retouched or altered for ethical reasons, but it can be protected from further fading and loss with specialist techniques in our studio. 

Previous music memorabilia restored in our studio include:

  • Queen stadium tour posters
  • Autographed prints and posters
  • Water damaged piano
  • Antique music box
  • Instrument cases

Our framing experts can assist in the safe display of textiles, posters, prints and three-dimensional objects that require a large or unusual mount. All materials used in the framing process are conservation appropriate, ensuring that there is no risk of acid damage to paper or other sensitive surfaces. UV protective glass can also be provided to prevent fading, as well as museum glazing that allows for a clearer view with less reflection. 

Queen poster

Memorabilia Restoration

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I found this company excellent to deal with. Even though I lived at almost the opposite end of the country they collected the damaged paintings and delivered all with the utmost care.

The restorers at Fine Art Restoration Company were a delight to work with. Knowledgeable, enthusiastic and very helpful and patient. Their work was top-notch, both my paintings have given new life and completely renewed our experience of viewing them. Highly Recommended.

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