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Our knowledgeable team can arrange for a sensitive restoration with treatments tailored to the precise needs of your rug. 

Antique rug damage that can be treated by our expert team includes, but is not limited to:

  • Bleeding or running dyes following water damage
  • Deterioration due to old age or wear 
  • Pest damage from moths and other insects or rodents
  • Professional removal of smoke, dust or contamination build-up
  • Fraying, hole and tear damage 
  • Advice and recommendations on UV protection to prevent fading
  • Professional cleaning following stains and accidental damage


We have experience in textile restoration from a wide variety of historical eras and styles, including the knowledge of how to approach delicate and deteriorating elements of a rug or carpet. This includes the many materials they may encounter, including:

  • Silk
  • Wool 
  • Cotton
  • Animal skins such as cowhides, sheepskin, bearskin and reindeer
  • Faux fur
  • Synthetic textiles in modern and contemporary reproductions

Antique rugs may also have complex dye techniques which have been used for centuries – including vegetable dyes and natural colours which are prone to fading or disturbances over time. These require specialist treatments to prevent further damage from harsh household chemicals or industrial dry cleaning methods.

Rug fragment

Rug example before after

Types of rugs that can be restored by our team range from historic Persian carpets through to 19th century Victorian or arts and crafts designs. Traditional rugs may include international styles such as:

  • Iranian
  • Turkish
  • Pakistan
  • Kilim
  • Oriental
  • Angora
  • Afgan
  • Chinese
  • Balkan
  • Indian
  • Moroccan

We can also restore modern and contemporary rugs. If you have any questions about rug restoration or would like to receive a quote and recommendations from our experienced team, please get in touch. 

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Rug restoration bleed

Textile Restoration

How much will my textile restoration cost?

If it is possible to be "over kept in touch" about the progress of any service, Fine Art Restoration Co. may have achieved it... restoration 100% invisible and the most engaged service level I have seen in my 55 years to date in any sphere whatsoever.

Fine Art Restoration repaired an heirloom that has been in our family for 85 years. They arranged collection and delivery so the entire process was simple and seamless. The restoration was perfect. Great service.

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