Kintsugi repair of bowl

Our experts can restore ceramics with kintsugi repair techniques, as well as reversing and restoring old or failed amateur attempts at kintsugi repair. 

What is kintsugi?

Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken ceramics with gold. This is usually a lacquer mixed with gold or silver to produce a beautiful effect on a damaged vase, plate, bowl, cup, or ornament. 

This approach to restoration allows the breakage to become an important part of the object’s history. The philosophical idea behind kintsugi is connected to what the Japanese refer to as wabi-sabi – the acceptance of transient beauty and imperfection. 

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If you have a broken ceramic that you would prefer to have a kintsugi repair rather than a conservation-lead restoration, our team can liaise with our experts to achieve a restoration that includes gold, silver or platinum kintsugi instead of a seamless finish. 

It is important to have a skilled professional perform this type of repair to ensure that it does not harm the surviving ceramic pieces in the process and is finished to an aesthetically pleasing standard.

Please speak to our helpful team about how our experts can help you achieve a professional and beautiful kintsugi restoration.


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Very professional and skilled organisation. I thought our ceramic clown was beyond repair but when it came back you literally could not tell it had been repaired. They keep you informed of progress throughout the process.

Disaster when my dog knocked the table over and smashed a family heirloom. Fine Art Restoration Company to the rescue. I could not have asked for a better service. They collected the item, mended it invisibly and returned it on time.

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