Veneered areas can become loose due to age, failure of the adhesive, disturbances to the wood, temperature fluctuations leading to warping or accidental damage such as spills, scratches, and constant use. This can be sensitively repaired with a conservation approach in our studio by our experienced furniture restorers, whether this requires the reapplication of original veneers or new timber to be sourced appropriately.

Wooden veneers are the thin slices of decorative timber which often surround a piece of furniture or can be found on the surface. They usually measure thinner than 3mm, making them extremely delicate. As well as swirling wood grain patterns, some veneer timber is purposely grown to create a desirable pattern, such as being infected with a fungus (such as Victorian pollard oak) or grown in low light conditions to cause an unnatural movement within the tree (such as sugar maple). 

If you have a piece of furniture with damaged veneer work, whether this is widespread or to smaller parts of the design such as herringbone edges, our veneer restoration experts can help with their knowledge of this centuries-old practice.

Please contact us about your piece for an assessment and further furniture veneer repairs advice. 

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