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Bespoke mount plaques

Our team works towards the conservation of artworks, which means that as well as providing a wide range of framing options, all of our services are of a museum standard and offer protection as well as a complimentary presentation to your treasured artwork. 

Conservation approved framing

Oil paintings, acrylics, pastels, watercolours, prints, mixed media artworks and more unusual pieces can all be framed by our experts. This includes the use of bespoke conservation mounts and display methods to ensure safety and ongoing preservation. 

Our team can provide bespoke art framing for:

  • Contemporary artworks in need of a hidden or float frame solution
  • Modern artworks which require an era-appropriate material and finish
  • Sensitive artworks on paper which require UV protective glass
  • Artworks in need of conservation appropriate mounting
  • Antique artworks in need of a historically accurate frame 
  • Large or unusual artworks and items with complex display requirements 
  • Miniature artworks in need of new casing and glass
  • Artworks with a signature or detail which they would like to show through a mount
  • Artworks in need of a name plaque or inscription

Our team has hundreds of framing options available, as well as the ability to create custom designs to suit your interior or artwork.

Personalised framing portfolios

When you are looking for a new frame we understand how important it is to know exactly what the final presentation will look like, for both your interior design choices and peace of mind when framing a highly valuable or sentimentally important artwork. This is why our framing team provides a tailored portfolio, displaying a range of appropriate options on your artwork before a decision is made. Our team is knowledgeable when it comes to art history and can advise you on the best style of frame for your artwork if required. 

Whether you are looking for a protective, simple frame for a Banksy print, a metal frame, or a golden ornate frame for a Victorian portrait, please get in touch with our helpful team for further advice and a tailored portfolio of complementary options. 

Unusual & large frames

Artworks with unusual shapes or sizes can also benefit from bespoke art framing, as they can have a customised display created for both their safekeeping and accurate presentation. Our team has experience in creating frames for unusual objects, memorabilia and family heirlooms.

Bespoke frames

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Fine Art Restoration collected our large oil painting and delivered it with impeccable care. The restoration of the damaged artwork was expertly carried out, bringing back subtle colouring, and included the repair of broken and missing details of the gesso on the frame such that they were perfectly matched. We were delighted with the communication throughout and with the results achieved.

I was very impressed from start to finish. The customer service was amazing with regular email and phone updates and in-progress photos from the team. I was slightly nervous knowing what a specialised skill restoration is and how it can go badly wrong if not done properly. I couldn’t be more pleased with the job the conservators did - breathing new life into a chipped and deteriorating family heirloom, and repairing another painting with holes in the canvas. To look at the paintings on the wall now you would never know they had been damaged, and the colours are as vibrant as when they were first painted.

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