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Conservation friendly frame

As a company that specialises in conservation, our approach to framing always has preservation as the most important consideration. This includes the use of pH-neutral mounts and backing boards, conservation-appropriate display techniques for specific materials, and the use of bespoke framing to ensure you have a frame that fits perfectly.

Conservation framing available from our experts includes:

  • Non-acidic mounts and backing boards 
  • Safe mounting techniques tailored to various materials
  • UV protective glazing options and museum glass 
  • Bespoke framing options for all shapes and sizes
  • Safe framing options for large artworks and unusual objects
  • Restoration of artworks damaged by frames such as acidic staining

Conservation framing will keep your artwork or item safe in a secure frame with a lessened risk of accidental damage from the artwork slipping, rubbing, or sticking to the glass over time. Alongside new framing, our team can also restore old and original frames, as well as remove any contamination which may have built upon the artwork or surrounding area.

Restoring damage from old framing materials

Acid damage to works on paper and other sensitive materials is a common occurrence in old or inappropriate frames, this often shows up as yellowing or darkening of the surface and deterioration or decay of the material.

It is important that this is addressed by our paper conservator as it will continue to get worse over time. Our conservator can gently clean contamination away and remove acidic backing boards, adhesives and other damaging elements.

Specialist object framing

We offer conservation-appropriate display solutions for specialist items such as textiles, metals, ivory, taxidermy, memorabilia and unusual or large objects. All of these materials may benefit from protective framing or casing to prevent atmospheric deterioration or pest damage. Our team will work with you to reach the best option for secure preservation whilst still in keeping with your interior design requirements. 

Acid damaged watercolour detailAbove: the left of this watercolour shows acidic backing board damage, the right is the same watercolour following restoration by our conservator

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Framing & Mounting

How much will it cost?

Fine Art Restoration collected our large oil painting and delivered it with impeccable care. The restoration of the damaged artwork was expertly carried out, bringing back subtle colouring, and included the repair of broken and missing details of the gesso on the frame such that they were perfectly matched. We were delighted with the communication throughout and with the results achieved.

It was with some trepidation that I sent a drawing by artist Tate held artist Mario Dubsky to the company. Although badly degraded, by the artist's use of double-sided tape to mount it resulting in disfiguring bands with deep yellowing of the paper from the acidic backing mount, it had great emotional significance for me. It felt a risky leap of faith to send it, as I had not used the company before. It came back immaculate and transformed, returned to its original condition and no discernable damage to the subtle graphite drawing. The company were reassuring, returning it with no hassle. Highly recommended.

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