Wooden sculpture examples

Bear nose before restoration

Conservators are able to address cracks and breakages with historically appropriate techniques, re-adhering broken areas and in some cases recreating lost parts where the original is missing.

Our specialists typically restore:

  • Dust and debris build-up
  • Deterioration from rot
  • Loss of varnish or polish
  • Accidental breakages
  • Warping and cracking
  • Lost areas and breakages

They can also reapply the original finish of a sculpture, whether this is french polish, lacquer, gilding, paintwork or wax.

When an area is missing or beyond repair, our team can perfectly recreate and colour-match new pieces, allowing the sculpture to return to stable condition with its original visual appeal.

Loose or failing joins, as well as historic areas of repair, can be stabilised to ensure your object is in good condition without fear of continued deterioration.

Our team has previously restored many Guy Taplin driftwood birds, furniture with sculptural animal designs and items for the Church of England following flood damage.

If you have a wooden sculpture or ornament which requires restoration, please contact our helpful team who will be happy to assist you.

Bear nose after restoration

Amelia tip objects

Guy Taplin example restoration

Ceramic Restoration

How much will my object restoration cost?

We are very pleased with the careful and considered restoration of our wooden sculpture. The repaired sections blend seamlessly and the original colours and styling have been matched. It has all been cleaned and looks a treat! From the initial contact, accurate quote and timescale, regular updates, couriering and the accomplished work itself, it was a professional service from start to finish.

Very professional and skilled organisation. I thought our ceramic clown was beyond repair but when it came back you literally could not tell it had been repaired. They keep you informed of progress throughout the process.

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