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Sculptural interior details may begin to deteriorate, crack and fall away over time, especially if they have been faced with an escape of water or household disaster. Intricate relief work may also gather decades or centuries worth of dust, debris and contamination from nicotine and fireplace smoke. Our trained conservators can safely and sensitively remove any build up of discolouration and dirt, as well as accurately restore any missing, broken or cracked areas.

Typical interior details that our conservators can assist you with include:

  • Plaster reliefs
  • Roundels
  • Ceiling and wall decoration
  • Rococo or baroque motifs
  • Gold leaf decoration
  • Raised mural details
  • Decoration on ionic and corinthian columns

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You don’t really own old family paintings, you are merely a custodian, so having them restored can be a nerve-racking experience. That why I went with an expert team I could trust to restore a painting that is very dear to my heart. The restoration is superb and my family will continue to enjoy the results for generations to come.

I really appreciate the restoration and framing and framing you did for me. The result is very pleasing and I am sure that it will look terrific in the Royal Dragoon Guards Museum in York.

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