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Condition reports will help you to gain a better understanding of your artwork, in terms of its history and the appropriate measures which need to be taken to ensure preservation. 

Our professional conservators offer a range of different investigative techniques in order to thoroughly assess a painting, including pigment analysis, technical photography and cross-sections.

As well as these more in-depth methods, they can also offer a clear report on the current condition of your painting, as well as details of any restoration procedures for your records. We are happy to discuss the many ways in which we can help you investigate your artwork regardless of whether it needs restoration alongside the analysis.

If you need a report for the purpose of funding the preservation of a culturally significant artwork or complex insurance claims, we can also provide a tailored report that suits the needs of the project and paperwork.

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Our team can offer a full range of in-depth reports or a selection that is beneficial to your requirements. Our analysis service can provide you with detailed information covering the following areas:

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The historic houses foundation application process was very straightforward and made easier by the comprehensive report on the condition of the paintings, proposals for their restoration, and the excellent photographic record produced with the estimate from Fine Art Restoration Company.

Although the delightful little pair of oils under glass had some age deterioration it was apparent they had never been tampered despite being framed over a century ago. Might there be clues internally on who, whence and where? A curious owner but knowingly ham-fisted, terrified of likely damage, in desperation sought the help of Fine Art Restoration Company in Carlisle. We need not have worried! Conserver, art historian and rest of the team rose to the challenge with an expert technical assessment and condition report: description, any inscriptions, context and historical background, technical photography, painting materials and methods, condition assessment and recommended future works for consolidation, repair and conservation, Wow. The paper report so well presented almost a work of art in its own right, a delight deserving of congratulations to the team as a whole.

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