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Our conservators have professional training in the application of gold leaf in traditional and modern interiors. This includes the revival of deteriorating or faded areas and new gilding to be applied as requested. Gilding is completed in 22 karat gold and above, as this ensures that the metal will not tarnish over time.

Gold leaf can be applied to a wide variety of objects and interior features, including:

  • Plaster relief decoration
  • Walls and ceilings
  • Panels and wooden elements
  • Rococo and baroque motifs

To find out more about the gilding services we offer for frames and other objects, please see our framing page and furniture restoration page.

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You don’t really own old family paintings, you are merely a custodian, so having them restored can be a nerve-racking experience. That why I went with an expert team I could trust to restore a painting that is very dear to my heart. The restoration is superb and my family will continue to enjoy the results for generations to come.

I really appreciate the restoration and framing and framing you did for me. The result is very pleasing and I am sure that it will look terrific in the Royal Dragoon Guards Museum in York.

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