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Our furniture team deals with a multitude of damage on a vast range of furniture types, this includes (but is not limited to) tables, chairs, settees, cabinets, desks, stools, folding furniture, shelves and complex structures. From fine antiques to sentimentally important family pieces, they also have experience in all eras of furniture construction, from the medieval and Tudor period through to Queen Anne, Victorian pieces and modern designs. 

When furniture with accidental breakage comes to our conservation studio, the aim is to sensitively restore furniture with adherence to its historic significance and quality, this means the use of traditional treatments and materials for a finish that is not only aesthetically pleasing but accurate to the period. 

Accidental damage which can be restored includes:

  • Weakened joints, broken arms and snapped legs
  • Loss or breakage of decorative features, handles and brassware
  • Scratches, loss of veneer and dents
  • Reducing the evidence of water stains, such as rings from cups and mugs
  • Cleaning and restoring discoloured, fraying or broken upholstery
  • Burns or heat damage due to candles and radiators
  • Soot damage and contamination from fireplace exposure

There are of course many more types of damage which our team can assist you with, so please get in touch with us today for a quote and further advice on your furniture.

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