Iran Antique Rug

Our team at Fine Art Restoration Company is on hand to both eradicate the infestation and restore the rug or carpet with sensitive and skilled conservation techniques. 

Types of pests that can affect rugs and other textiles in the home can vary from insects such as moths and carpet beetles (including their larvae), as well as rats and mice which may bite or chew fibres for nesting materials. Urine from rodents is also acidic and once affected may deteriorate the rug or carpet over time if not cleaned with professional methods.

If you have a rug that has been affected by pest damage, please speak to our helpful team who can offer swift advice and recommendations.

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Textile Restoration

How much will my textile restoration cost?

If it is possible to be "over kept in touch" about the progress of any service, Fine Art Restoration Co. may have achieved it... restoration 100% invisible and the most engaged service level I have seen in my 55 years to date in any sphere whatsoever.

Fine Art Restoration repaired an heirloom that has been in our family for 85 years. They arranged collection and delivery so the entire process was simple and seamless. The restoration was perfect. Great service.

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