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This can be easily damaged over time due to movement in the wood, or more dramatic warping of the furniture it resides on. Like marquetry, it can also have adhesives fail due to age, making the area weak and at risk of loss. Our furniture team is well-versed in stringing and beading restoration, this includes the reapplication of original parts and the recreation of those which are missing or badly damaged. 

Stringing is a type of inlay or marquetry, either a plain line of veneer or one with a chequered or unique pattern to add to the decoration. Beading is a bobbled or curved line which often hides upholstery joins and is popular on furniture from various eras, but specifically the 19th century.

Due to age and constant use, these are vulnerable to movement and breakages and may require stabilisation and conservation treatments to avoid loss of detail.

If you have a piece of furniture with unstable stringing or beading, please speak to our helpful team who will be pleased to provide you with recommendations and an assessment

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