Common types of damage to watercolours

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A watercolour painting is one of the most sensitive genres of artwork, these delicate landscapes and portraits require professional conservation treatments following damage to ensure their safety. Above: a watercolour before and after restoration due to foxing and acidic discolouration  Watercolours can face drastic deterioration from humidity levels, sunlight exposure, accidents and household disasters such… Read more »

How to treat foxing in a watercolour

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If you are a collector of watercolour paintings or works on paper, you may be familiar with the appearance of reddish brown spots on your painting, commonly known as ‘foxing’. These rusty looking patches can mar the appeal of your painting, and if left untreated can cause serious damage to an already delicate artwork. At… Read more »

How to restore your watercolour: the treatments

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Despite extensive damages, art on paper restoration and conservation can significantly improve the aesthetic and structural integrity of your watercolour and treatment can be carried out by trained professionals. How to clean your watercolour Accidents do happen and may result in stains on your watercolour. Maintaining a clean environment and reducing risks of spillage is… Read more »

How do I flatten my watercolour?

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Creases may be caused by accidental damage or improper storage. Treatment may include “drumming” on to Japanese paper to flatten the paper. Undulations, effectively bumps and bulges in the painting, may be caused by raised humidity and due to the hygroscopic properties of paper (water absorbent), controlling the humidity can help prevent the initial structural… Read more »

Common damage to watercolour paintings

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Watercolour paintings and works on paper are inherently fragile items. The challenges they face can be therefore quite different to more robust oil paintings on canvas and panel. There is, however, always a solution to the problems that they face. Whether a watercolour has foxing, or a map is torn, professional conservation can rectify these… Read more »