What are those brown spots on your watercolour or print? They are commonly referred to as ‘foxing’ patches on the paper, a reaction with moisture caused by mould spores. They may begin as a small and easily ignored blemish, but in time they will only spread and become worse now that they are present.

Foxing can affect any work on paper, including watercolour paintings, art prints, maps, documents, or pages from a book.

These unsightly markings are caused by the creation of a perfect environment upon the paper itself, as the paper degrades over the time, becoming acidic and absorbent, the level of humidity upon the surface will attract mould, discolouration and these unattractive rusty stains.

Professional treatment will solve foxing on paper artwork, through a very delicate process of ‘washing’ and bleaching in conservation grade formulas. These careful techniques are always tested, to suit the individual work.

Foxing is preventable after restoration steps will be taken to make sure it does not return. At home, it is good to keep in mind that paper will always absorb moisture from the atmosphere.

To prevent foxing ensure that your art is kept in a dry environment, avoiding any humidity.

If you have artwork suffering from foxing please contact us to find out how we can help or a no-obligation quote.