Historic house conservation: professional services for culturally important collections & estates

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Historic houses and landmarks across Great Britain may face a multitude of challenges which can be alleviated and professionally resolved by our team at Fine Art Restoration Company. Our multifaceted approach helps us to assist with everything from conservation appropriate storage and transport through to highly skilled restoration work and condition reporting for funding and… Read more »

Church artwork conservation services: care and preservation for ecclesiastical collections

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Churches, monasteries and cathedrals are some of the oldest buildings in the United Kingdom, as such they are faced with the challenge of caring for artworks and items which are important both historically and spiritually. At Fine Art Restoration Company we offer a range of services to assist ecclesiastical buildings and their collections for ongoing… Read more »

Lifestyle management consultants: conservation advice and fine art restoration services

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As a lifestyle management professional, your business encompasses many aspects which can be enhanced by our fine art specialists. Whether this involves working alongside clients during high value purchases or being on call following unfortunate damages or disasters, our team can offer their valuable experience. Our company includes client liaison specialists, art historical experts and conservation… Read more »

Art gallery services: professional care, advice and treatments for commercial and specialist art galleries

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When it comes to the care of gallery collections, conservation may not be considered unless damage occurs. However, as well as restoration services, conservation can also cover the ongoing protection and appropriate display of various mediums with the guidance of our trained and experienced team.  Above: a portrait attributed to Godfrey Kneller which was restored… Read more »

Flood damage at St. Peters Church: restoring ecclesiastical collections following a disaster

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St. Peters Church in Monmouth, Wales, faces a constant threat of flooding.The 12th century parish church is situated on the banks of the River Wye and has throughout it’s life suffered from constant and often severe disruption following adverse weather conditions prompting the river to overflow.  The Church Of England building is Grade II listed… Read more »

Restoring a remarkable portrait for St. Mary’s Church in Wreay, Cumbria

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St Mary’s Church in Wreay, Cumbria is a unique piece of ecclesiastical architecture which is locally, nationally and internationally renowned. Constructed in 1842, it was designed and funded by a local patron named Sarah Losh. The church is now protected by the Friends Of St Mary’s Church, who contacted our team about a beautiful portrait… Read more »

The restoration of a Victorian mural at Westonbirt School: a case study for conservation architects

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When a leaking pipe, roof, wall or ceiling causes water damage to a property, all forms of art may be at risk. However, some may be more in more vulnerable positions than others. Whilst traditional oil paintings, watercolours, and important documents can be removed from an affected area, others are permanently left to face a… Read more »

Mater Admirabilis restoration: caring for Catholic school art

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Religious institutions often have a long and detailed history which is reflected in the fascinating artwork, documents and items which have accumulated over time. A clear example of this is in religious education, in which the ambience of the school is reflective of the history and devotion which is practiced there.  Above: a detail from… Read more »

Conservation architects: how we can help

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Conservation projects for historic buildings are often multi-faceted with internal and external artworks and items requiring expert care from conservators who specialise in their field. When a project involves multiple conservation concerns beyond the remit of your architectural work, our team can offer swift and professional advice, treatment, or storage for the many types of… Read more »