Historic houses and landmarks across Great Britain may face a multitude of challenges which can be alleviated and professionally resolved by our team at Fine Art Restoration Company. Our multifaceted approach helps us to assist with everything from conservation appropriate storage and transport through to highly skilled restoration work and condition reporting for funding and insurance purposes. 

Paper Restoration Historic House Water DamageAbove: a water damaged engraving before and after restoration by our ICON accredited paper conservator

As well as work with private clients, we have played a key role in preserving artworks and items of cultural value to the public, including conservation projects completed for Westminster Council, The American Embassy in London, The Church of England, and restoration funded by the Historic Houses Foundation. Our conservation treatments and assessments can be provided on site or within our purpose-built conservation studio. 

Above: a view of one of our purpose-built conservation spaces in Cumbria 

Our team is experienced in swift response to disaster situations which have put high value and culturally important items at risk, whether this is through private arrangement or with the liaison of a large insurance firm. Our conservators and administrative staff will be with you every step of the way to navigate complex claims and restoration procedures following fire, smoke or water damage, as well as accidental and age related deterioration to artwork, furniture and specialist items. 

Cleaning CeilingAbove: our team working on site for a ceiling mural which has become discoloured due to decades of smoke and nicotine contamination

Our conservation team comprises of experts in the following areas: 

  • Historic and contemporary paintings in oil, acrylic, tempura or mixed media
  • Works on paper such as documents, engravings and watercolours
  • Decorative objects such as ceramics and specialist materials
  • Frame restoration including structural repairs, recreation of missing features and gilding 
  • Interior artworks such as ceiling or wall murals, decorative features and gilding
  • Furniture repairs with historically accurate techniques and treatments
  • Indoor and outdoor sculptures of various materials
  • Textile conservation including curtains, rugs, tapestries and costumes
  • Unusual and specialist items such as taxidermy and memorabilia 

Restoration Studio Team DiscussionAbove: our conservators and administrative team discussing conservation treatments for various paintings in our care

Conservation with historic integrity

Because we are a conservation studio at heart we understand the importance of all items in a collection, including artwork, documentation, furniture, and decorative objects – especially those found within culturally significant buildings. 

Kneller Dorothy Before AfterAbove: a portrait attributed to Godfrey Kneller which was restored in our London studio

Our oil painting conservators have worked with pieces connected to old masters such as Van Dyck, Godfrey Kneller and Tintoretto – their ethos as professional conservators is to keep historic and artistic integrity at the forefront of their minds with minimal intervention where possible.

Above: a map from Dalcross Castle restored by our paper conservator 

We have an ICON accredited paper conservator who can achieve remarkable results on torn and discoloured prints, watercolours and documents with sensitive treatments. Our furniture and ceramics experts also use techniques which are appropriate for the specific materials and era of the item, including traditional tools, glues and finishes.

Surface water damaged furniture restorationAbove: a large mahogany table surface, before and after restoration by our furniture expert

Our innovative, purpose built studio allows all manner of conservators to work together to achieve the best possible service for all items in a collection. This collaboration allows for the sharing of expertise when it comes to any environmental requirements for storage and transportation, as well as the ability to treat and restore multiple types of objects and artworks alongside each other for a swift recovery following any disasters. 

Powderham castle tray ceramic restorationAbove: a Paris Cabaret tray restored by our ceramics expert for Powderham Castle halfway through cleaning 

Condition reports and guidance for restoration grants

When it comes to the application process for specialist grants or complex insurance claims, our team can help you with everything from professional condition reporting for an entire collection, through to detailed assessments of specific artwork put forward for restoration funding. 

“The application process was very straightforward and made easier by the comprehensive report on the condition of the paintings, proposals for their restoration, and the excellent photographic record produced with the estimate from Fine Art Restoration Company.” – Philip Godsal, Iscoyd Park

condition report

Professional documentation can be provided by our trained conservators, including scientific analysis of artworks. This can be helpful in compiling historic records with a full understanding of an artwork for future generations, it may also provide further insight into their unique historical composition. These services include:

Above: our conservator restoring a complex canvas tear under microscope

Disaster response for culturally important collections

When a flood, fire, or escape of water occurs the results can be devastating for unique items of historic, artistic and cultural value. This is why our team, composed of both project management and conservation professionals, provides a swift response to minimise any damage which may occur. Affected items can be swiftly and safely removed from the property and taken to our studio, which has a conservation-appropriate atmosphere, including facilities to lessen the impact of mould growth and damp following water damage. 

Smoke fire damaged paintingAbove: a fire and smoke damaged painting which was restored by our team alongside a large collection which had also been in the disaster

Our team has years of experience with disaster response projects, including the recent London floods, fires in private estates, flooded riverside churches, and devastating leakages. Our administrative staff are often able to liaise with insurance companies and can help you to navigate complex claims where required. 

Rug water before afterAbove: a valuable Persian rug damaged by an escape of water, before and after restoration by our experts

Previous conservation projects

Our experience with historic buildings includes everything from church collections through to private school estates. We would like to share with you a few of the conservation projects which our team has undertaken: 

The rescue of a 19th century mural at Westonbirt House following an escape of water. This historically important mural is original to the house and is based on plans kept in the Victoria & Albert Museum. You can read more about this fascinating ceiling and it’s restoration here.

conservator working on westonbirt school ceiling restorationAbove: our conservator working on site following an escape of water which damaged an important mural at Westonbirt House

Funding application assistance and oil painting restoration projects for Iscoyd Park. This included the careful completion of documents required for a grant from the Historic Houses Foundation and the successful conservation of two culturally important artworks. You can read more about this project here.

Rizpah Restoration Painting Cracks Before AfterAbove: the before and after of a restoration for Iscoyd Park entitled ‘Rizpah’ which had heavy cracking to the surface

Disaster response for a 12th century parish church in Monmouth, Wales. Our team restored textiles, furniture and decorative items following a devastating flood from a nearby river. You can read more about the process in this article

Plaster Relief Church Art Flood DamageAbove: a relief artwork from St Peters Church before and after restoration following flood damage and contamination

How can we help your historic house?

Our team is able to provide a wide range of services from documentation through to full conservation treatment for many items and artworks. If you have any queries, or would like more information on how we can be of service, please get in touch with our friendly team.

To make contact please email us via [email protected] or call 0207 112 7576

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