Conservation education: hosting a Modular Cleaning Programme workshop

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In September 2022, we hosted the Modular Cleaning Programme (MCP) workshop in our Carlisle studio. Thirty-five conservators from around the world participated in a week long course led by Chris Stavroudis, a scientist and art conservator based in Los Angeles. It was an exciting and valuable educational experience for all involved.  What is the Modular… Read more »

Preserving careers in conservation: how can our interns benefit your restoration project?

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Conservation is a complex and challenging vocation that requires great artistic and scientific skill, this is why our team at Fine Art Restoration Company has always focused on the future of this prestigious career through our comprehensive conservation interns programme.  Every year our studio invites conservation students and recent graduates to join us in our… Read more »

Botched art restorations: how would a professional restore these famous disasters?

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In recent years you may have noticed several news stories about botched art restorations, the most famous of these sparking both humour and debate about ethics and how best to protect historic paintings and sculptures. Many of these disasters could have been avoided if a professional conservator had been appointed, especially as many of the… Read more »

Different routes into art restoration: meet our conservation interns Robert, Ruth and Tom

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The route into a conservation career can take many forms and can begin at any stage in life. The educational backgrounds of our interns and apprentices can vary, with many only finding out about this fascinating and rare vocation by chance – whether this is through an academic prospectus or even finding our social media… Read more »