Post-war furniture revival: mid century modern care & period appropriate restoration

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Mid century modern furniture has simplicity and durability at the core of it’s design, making it both an ideal choice for a comfortable home and a lifelong investment. This period of furniture can be dated back to the post-war era, gaining major influence in the 1950s and 1960s across the western world, with particularly popular… Read more »

Caring for metal antiques and sculptures

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Antique and contemporary artworks and objects may require specialist care if they feature metallic areas, or if they are entirely made from this material. Metals may tarnish and degrade if they face accidental or environmental damage, much of which can be avoided with the correct atmosphere and preservation techniques.  This antique metal restoration and care… Read more »

Trinket boxes and treasure chests: restoring decorative receptacles

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Decorative boxes are often of great sentimental value, passed down as heirlooms or given as gifts. Many will protect precious items, serving as jewelry or memory boxes, or may themselves be of great value in the antiques market.  An antique box which is smaller than a traditional chest is often known as a casket. These… Read more »

Waxwork wonders: restoring and preserving unique wax sculptures

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Creating an artwork from wax has been practiced for thousands of years, from the casting of pieces in moulds, to relief portraits carved by hand. These unique wax sculptures often have an interesting history or connections to famous figures, but their material makes them vulnerable to deterioration if they are not looked after with diligent… Read more »