Iridescent artefacts: preserving Syrian Glass for The Paisley Museum & Art Gallery

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Museum collections often require the attention of a conservator, whether this is to provide routine maintenance or prepare items for longterm display. The Paisley Museum and Art Gallery reached out to our team for assistance with their historic collection of Syrian glass. Above: Amy working on one of Paisley Museum’s glass vessels – image copyright… Read more »

Marble marvels: the care and restoration of marble sculptures

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As one of the earliest mediums in western art history, marble has been a dominant influence on artists for centuries. From the classical sculptures of ancient Greece to the marble halls of Art Deco buildings, this versatile material is known for its semi-opaque surface and long-lasting vibrancy.  Above: marble sculptures from ancient Greece, ancient Rome,… Read more »

Doll restoration: the history and preservation of childhood companions

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Every generation has been influenced by the unique toys and games of their childhood, but one piece has remained timeless for all. Dolls have been adored by their owners since ancient Rome, although their materials have changed over time – their enrichment has remained the same. As we grow older, these childhood companions may remain… Read more »

Jasperware, creamware and black basalt: protecting Wedgwood ceramics

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The story of Wedgwood is not only one of great creative influence, but industrial ingenuity. In an era when the potteries of Great Britain had a rather unsophisticated production line, Josiah Wedgwood stepped forth to revolutionise and popularise an efficient yet highly artistic output of marketable earthenware and stoneware.  Above: various items by Wedgwood including… Read more »

Antique enamelware: caring for enamel porcelain, miniatures and more

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Enamelling is an appealing feature of decorative ceramics, trinkets and snuff boxes, whether it is found glazed upon a white clock face or expertly applied in bright colours. Enamel is a versatile material, often used to create texture as well as forming unique patterns and finishes. Above: different forms of enamel decoration With time, this… Read more »

Restoration stories: damaged in a zeppelin raid

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Priceless memories are often found embedded in the brushstrokes of a painting, the gaze of a porcelain figurine or the remnants of ink upon a well-used writing desk. In our restoration studio, trained conservators protect many items that hold personal importance to clients, from family heirlooms to beloved portraits. This was the case with a… Read more »

Bountiful brew: analysing the age and value of teacups and teapots

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Some of the most popular pieces of antique porcelain and bone china come from well-loved tea sets. Whether teacups and teapots are family heirlooms, decorative objects or still serve a practical purpose, it is worth looking into their history to establish possible value and any need for professional preservation.  From historic Yixing teapots to the… Read more »

Porcelain antique valuation: the maker’s marks, colours and styles of European ceramics

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Discovering how much your antique ceramics are worth can often be accomplished by analysing the materials, colour, finish and maker’s mark. This antique porcelain valuation guide will help you to establish the possible maker and era of treasured porcelain figurines, dishes and tea sets.  Porcelain varieties  Porcelain will be slightly translucent when held up to… Read more »

Rococo revival: restoring paintings, objects and interiors of the late baroque

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The rococo period is known for its extravagance, standing out as the crescendo of the baroque era before neoclassicism put an end to its unblushing display of affluence. From the pastoral scenes of Watteau to the ribband furniture of Thomas Chippendale, rococo can be found in all aspects of mid to late 18th century design. … Read more »