Martin Brothers stoneware conservation: restoring whimsical creatures and wally birds

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Pottery is often thought of as a practical material, in the creation of tableware and other useful vessels for the home. The creation of art pottery – that is pottery with a strong aesthetic purpose – began in the mid to late 19th century, with the production of singular items such as bowls and vases… Read more »

Bountiful birds: restoring driftwood bird sculptures by Guy Taplin

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Sculpted driftwood contains a history intertwined with it’s salvaged material – this is the notion that artist Guy Taplin attaches to his work. Famously producing a diverse collection of wild birds and waterfowl, this popular sculptor has produced hundreds of classic designs. His driftwood bird artwork is so popular that it is often reflected in… Read more »

The risks facing open air sculptures in the UK

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Stone, marble and metal statues are a common feature in gardens and parks around the world. Whether they are recreations of classical figures or contemporary abstract pieces, these artworks require care to ensure they do not degrade in the often turbulent conditions of the great outdoors. This is especially relevant for the fluctuating seasons and… Read more »


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Modern sensitivities towards the materials used in historic items may sometimes distract from their significance. This is often highlighted in the antique textiles industry with embellishments of real fur or whalebone lining found within corsets. However, the relic of a costume could not be discounted for its use of these elements, as they are important… Read more »